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"Brice uses the perfect blend of Catholic teaching, technology, and personal experience to attract Catholics, inspire them, and raise funds. Check him out, highly recommended."

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Who doesn't want 100% Catholic, mission-focused (and free) fundraising advice?

Download the 13-page guide that outlines the ideas which over 14,000 Catholics have read this past month to reach their fundraising goals 

"The 10 Commandments of Catholic Fundraising"

This guide consolidates the top 10 best ideas and strategies used to fundraise in a Catholic context. 

Here is what you will find inside:

  • 10 steps for getting your fundraising moving forward in the right direction
  • The sure way to identify a potential donor and how to get them to donate (and stay in long-term)
  • A simple method for laying the groundwork to reach your funding goals  
  • How to leverage the internet and software to reduce time, costs, and most importantly, reduce HOURS and STRESS 
  • Applicable to all Catholic organizations: charity, parish, pro-life, marriage & family, retreat, young adult, youth, religious order
  • 100% Catholic. Written by a Catholic, for Catholics

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