April 11, 2016


How Brice Sokolowski is changing how Catholics fundraise

Hi, I am Brice Sokolowski. If you’re like most people who visit my site, you are a faithful and passionate Catholic looking for fundraising ideas to raise money. You are committed to doing all you can with your faith: at home, at work, and at your parish. You may even work for a Catholic organization, either part-time or full-time.

You might be a parish priest, a member of a religious order, a layperson or event a desert hermit.

Whoever you are, you believe it is important to bring Christ to the world. Equally important to you is how you carry forward your mission, your vocation, and your passion. You want to reach your full potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on your world.

I am exactly like you. I want to move forward with changing the culture, saving lives, and saving souls.

But something keeps getting in the way: you cannot get your head around fundraising. There just seems to be too much to do and too little time. Maybe you feel like this person:

“I feel overwhelmed. No matter what I’m doing, I feel like I should be doing something else. When I’m fundraising, I’m leaving the important tasks, like my mission, to one side! When I am giving an appeal, I can hardly find the right words to say to people. I feel as if no one is listening to me or can help me. I am constantly wondering if I am missing something important with all this fundraising stuff.”

 Fundraising Ideas that Work

Does this sound like you?

Ask yourself these three questions:
– Do you feel like fundraising is more than you can manage?
– Do you fear the important things (mission, relationships, and faith) are falling through the cracks when you do fundraise?
– Do you worry that fundraising has now become a roadblock to moving forward?
If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

I know how you feel, and this is how I can help

I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have the success of your Catholic organization outpace your ability to raise funds for it, while still attending to the things that matter most—mission, purpose, faith and community.

For years, I struggled to find the balance. Too often, running around planning one fundraising event after another came at the expense of my faith and mission. You can learn how I got started in fundraising by reading my leap of faith article.

And I’ve learned how to change all of this.

As a former Catholic diocesan fundraiser, and now as a successful solo-Catholic fundraiser, I have come to the conclusion that there’s a better way to fundraise. There is a better way to support the great work Catholics are doing without disrupting our focus. I also realized that the answer isn’t simply to keep fundraising on the sidelines of our great work. The answer is to fundraise better and in the right way.

When fundraising, we have to stick with our priorities: God, Holy Mother Church, mission, family, health, relationships, and community.

This is how I fundraise. I don’t put the mission on the side. Nor do I spend hours, days, and weeks organizing fundraising events. I stay focused, and then I fundraise while I change the world.

“What’s wonderful is that your approach fits squarely with Catholic Social Teaching.” – Catholic Voices

“What I found most helpful was the way in which you “re-framed” fundraising as a shared project between the charity and donors and that personal relationships and meetings, sharing in the vision are the most successful and rewarding ways to fundraise.” – Youth 2000

“A very useful overview of the general approach and language to use in establishing relationships with people who could become donors and practical tips and examples of how to make this sort of progress.” – The Marriage Foundation

“Utterly reliable and thinks outside the box.” – Diocesan of Portsmouth

Organizations which I’ve helped fundraise

How I have helped 9,500 Catholics, and counting

Through CatholicFundraiser.net, I give Catholics the tools, resources, steps, and guidance to fundraise. From practical tools that accomplish your fundraising targets, to strategies that better support your people and activities, I make sure you have everything you require to succeed. I offer you fundraising ideas that work in the Catholic context.

If you’re new to this site (and you likely would not be on this page if you weren’t), you will find new content every week. This includes articles, workbooks, checklists, references, and practical tips to fundraise better.’

You’ll be joining 9,500 other Catholics who have looked for guidance on how to fundraise and now moving forward with raising funds.

What I have achieved in the past 6 months

While the content of this website is free, I do offer fundraising ideas, training programs, and consulting. Be sure to check out the ‘Need Help?’ section for more details.

I have traveled to Italy, France, England, and the United States to talk about my work and to help Catholics with their fundraising. During this time, I’ve helped:

  • Pontifical Colleges
  • Pro-Life Organizations
  • Marriage Advocacy Groups
  • Retreat Centers
  • Parishes
  • Dioceses
  • Religious Communities
  • Missionaries
  • Children Society’s
  • Youth Groups
  • Individuals

Also, I’ve been interviewed on both local and national radio talk shows across the United States, sharing my expertise and knowledge.

  • Guadalupe Radio San Antonio – How to Attract People’s Attention, Ask Them for Money, and Grow Your Mission (to be included soon)


About Brice Sokolowski

CatholicFundraiser.net was founded by Brice Sokolowski. Brice is an expert fundraiser and practicing Catholic. He graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, TX. He also received a Masters Degree in Christian Theology from Heythrop College (the seminary of the Diocese of Westminster – London, England).

After fundraising with several Catholic charities and organizations in various niches (religious orders, dioceses, advocacy), he’s refocused on what he loves most: Building and Launching Catholic Charities.

You’ll find that his approach to fundraising is effective. He developed it over the past few years, and it has helped him fundraise for a few successful charities, one of which raised over 6-figures in less than three years.

More specifically, he uses the unique blend of technology (social media, web analytics, and software) and Catholic Social Teaching to build awareness, attract donors, and raise funds.

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Yes, I think you can focus on your Catholic mission and succeed in fundraising. You don’t have to spend hours planning a fundraising event. Rather, just do what you were called to do: Christ’s will. And having a friend to support you along the way, well, that’s priceless.

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