New Book on Catholic Fundraising: Pray, Pray, Pray, Ask

Which cover do you think is best?

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click here I’m so excited to announce the launch my second book, Pray Pray Pray Ask. It’s the Catholic manual on how to follow your vocation, raise funds, and spread the Gospel in the 21st century. Though I am stuck … I don’t know which of the four covers to use. Which do you like best?

go here Let me give you some background information on what the book is about. Then you can help me pick the best one.

Why I picked the title: Pray, Pray, Pray, Ask

see url I choose the title Pray, Pray, Pray, Ask because of the four different forms of prayer the catechism talks about: Blessing, Intercession, Thanksgiving, and Petition. When we think of fundraising for a Catholic cause, we immediately think of asking, otherwise known as a petition.

I was inspired by the catechism because a great and inspirational petition can only happen when you are doing the other three activities: thanking people, helping people, and acknowledging people for who they are.

The book is designed to go into specific detail about solving many of the problems Catholic face when fundraising by using the catechism’s approach for how we pray. I make the analogy that asking people for funds is analogous to asking God for specific things or graces in our life. The Catechism teaches us how to form a proper petition to God which helps us also form a proper gift request to people. I know this because I’ve used it in my own fundraising with great success. This happens because I am more genuine and Catholic with how I approach the subject of money with people.

The 4 Big Lessons Inside this Book

In this book, you are going to learn four key lessons that will help you fundraise better:

  1. How to correctly asking for donations in the light of our Catholic faith
  2. What to do when things get tough and how to turn it around
  3. Why Catholics give and the underlying reasons they’d give to you
  4. Where to start increasing your funding or even start with your first campaign

As I send the book to the publisher for final review, which book (cover do you like the best? Please let me know what you think which I should use:

  1. Which border?
  2. Which fonts?
  3. Which background (plain or old-paper)?
  4. How should I structure the title text?


^ Option #2 ^

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Question: Which cover do you like best? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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