Gather a community before you gather donors

Everything you do with fundraising begins with your community. Your community consists of every person you bring into your mission. This includes donor, non-donor, volunteer, inquirer, lapsed donor, and even the people who you meet each day. By focusing your attention on building your community, you take them on the journey which is realizing your Read more about Gather a community before you gather donors[…]

Thank You Fundraising

How to perfect your ‘Thank You’ in fundraising

The “thank you” is the undisputed champion of all fundraising conversations. This is because your gratitude is the hallmark of acknowledging how God blesses you through the people you meet. Therefore thanking people must be foundational in your day to day work as a fundraiser. I would even rank your ‘thank you’ as more important Read more about How to perfect your ‘Thank You’ in fundraising[…]

asking for donations

What to say (and not say) when asking for donations

There is an art to asking for a donation. I am not talking just about intuition and creativity. To become a great artist, you have to spend years learning and perfecting your craft, and it doesn’t come easy. You have to fail countless times until you get it right. You are constantly looking for what Read more about What to say (and not say) when asking for donations[…]

How to ask for gifts

How to Ask for Gifts and Get Donations

What more could be said about engaging with prospects and donors? We all know what it comes down to. We all know that the ask is the biggest, scariest, and most important, the one action that can change our Catholic mission in an instant. While hesitant about how to properly ask for a gift, Catholic Read more about How to Ask for Gifts and Get Donations[…]

fundraising letter

How to write a clear and compelling fundraising letter

I have learned that writing is a critical part of fundraising. Not only must you write messages that speak to people’s heart, your messages must also be written clearly and concisely so they are compelled to donate. Therefore, your next fundraising letter must capture people’s eyes, hearts, and minds. When I read some letters and Read more about How to write a clear and compelling fundraising letter[…]

Misconceptions about Online Fundraising

When I began to fundraise, I would run from event to event trying to recruit new donors and raise funds. As you can imagine, this strategy is tiresome after a while. Soon, I no longer had nights and some weekends to myself because those precious moments are also when most people are available to meet Read more about Misconceptions about Online Fundraising[…]

Showing Your Value Increases Donations

7 fruitful ways to increase donations Take a moment to reflect on this question: “Why do people donate to me?” Then, consider how incredible it is to have your donors support you. You are inspired by Christ to pick up your cross and follow him, and others are encouraged to help you do so. Whether you feed Read more about Showing Your Value Increases Donations[…]

What to say to people when fundraising

Communicating effectively will have one of the most positive impacts on your fundraising. Whether you want someone to donate, volunteer, campaign or share your message, effectively communicating will encourage people to move from being passive listeners to active contributors. You may find it a struggle to find the right words when communicating. Perhaps you write Read more about What to say to people when fundraising[…]