Authentic Catholic voice

How to keep an authentic Catholic voice when asking for money

How do you keep an authentic and Catholic voice when fundraising? I am a big advocate of having a support network around the fundraiser. Fundraising like anything else in life requires the assistance of people. In a recent article, I outlined the characteristics and actions of every individual who should help with your fundraising. If Read more about How to keep an authentic Catholic voice when asking for money[…]

barrier fundraising success

Your Biggest Barrier to Fundraising Success

When you cannot move forward with fundraising, you experience what I would call a snowball effect. You stress about the future rather than focus on the present. Then, in panic, you quickly organize a campaign, asking everyone you know for donations. You do this through email, post, social media, and maybe an event. All your Read more about Your Biggest Barrier to Fundraising Success[…]

Volunteers fundraising

How to get volunteers involved in fundraising

I am a tremendous fan of volunteers. People want to help you without being paid. How incredibly generous they are! As fundraisers, I think we underestimate the gift of a volunteer’s time. To me, it’s as valuable as a financial donation. However, because we don’t always value time as much as money, we end up Read more about How to get volunteers involved in fundraising[…]

5 Rules for Inspiring People to Fundraise for You

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, you fundraise much better when you do not work alone. When you have a team around you, helping you along the way, you’ll have much more success. In fact, they lift you to your fundraising goals. I follow five rules for gathering the right support Read more about 5 Rules for Inspiring People to Fundraise for You[…]

Fundraise like a Franciscan

Fundraise like a Franciscan

The following is a continuation of the Almoner’s blog, a series of fictional letters from a parishioner to his parish priest about fundraising. Dear Fr. Jacob, Perhaps you are right. In some ways, fundraising does sound a lot like begging. I understand that you don’t want to look a beggar because who does? I would Read more about Fundraise like a Franciscan[…]

Importance of Change in Catholic Fundraising

10 practical reasons to change how you fundraise I think one way we can improve Catholic fundraising is by reviewing how open we are to changing our approach. At one point or another, we have all been in a situation where we wanted to change but found it difficult to do so because change takes Read more about Importance of Change in Catholic Fundraising[…]

Catholic Leadership in Fundraising

3 Ways to Boost Funds through Leadership Leaders give us the energy and drive to move forward, even when times are difficult. Fundraising, for example, is usually listed as one of the most challenging tasks an organization is faced with. How often do we need leaderships to provide that surge of passion or encouragement to Read more about Catholic Leadership in Fundraising[…]