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 #1 Best Seller for Catholic Fundraising Explains How I Helped My Diocese Raise $60 million

 Also Outlines How I Helped One Charity Grow from $100,000 per Year in Donations to $300,000 in Just Two Years

I Explain Step-by-Step How You Can Ue the Same Steps for Yourself ... In Any Charity-based Context

"Just let me know where I should ship your FREE copy of Alms." - Brice Sokolowski

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"The reason I don’t have my copy of the book on my desk is my husband has started working with some Catholic non-profits, and he liked this book so much when Brice sent it to me, he said, “I have to take this to send to the people that I am working with.” 

So he stole the book from me."

Jennifer Fulwiler, The Jennifer Fulwiler Show

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Introducing Alms - The Catholic Approach to Fundraising That Lets You ...

  •  Learn how to navigate today's Catholic fundraising landscape successfully
  •  Discover the best ways to ask Catholics for donations
  •  Build a Complete Fundraising Plan that will outline step by step what to do
  •  Use the templates to learn how to write an appeal letter
  •  Supercharge your fundraising by using websites, social media, and the internet
  •  ... and take your fundraising to the next level

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What people are saying

"Brice Sokolowski has done something that seems obvious but has rarely been done: combine common sense, up-to-date fundraising methods with Catholic spirituality and sensibilities. 

ALMS helps fundraisers understand what it means to be an effective and authentic Catholic fundraiser."

Michael Murray, Development Leader at The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Dallas, TX 

"Brice Sokolowski uses the perfect blend of Catholic teaching, technology, and personal experience to attract Catholics, inspire them, and raise funds. 

Check it out, highly recommended." 

Patrick Coffin, The Patrick Coffin Show

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What people are saying

"If you have something that you are passionate about doing, you and I must master the art of asking for donations. 

Whether that's starting a local charity, renewing parts of your parish, or funding your ministry… this book is for you."

Tito Edwards, Catholic Blogger,

"Brice Sokolowski is great and is helping Catholic Fundraisers all over the world.

Absolutely worth the follow!" 

Adam Minihan, The Catholic Man Show

So, You Might Be Wondering ...

If it’s so good, why am I giving the book away for FREE?

There are a few reasons:

1. You'll read in the book about my leap of faith. 

And how during that emotional and scary time, I quit my successful (and lucrative) career to fundraise for my diocese. I was so scared when I was giving everything up ... but I had faith that this is what God wanted me to do. 

Thankfully, the path I took and the fundraising approach that you'll read about worked (even when I wasn't sure what I was doing).

And someone, maybe you, will read my story and immediately have the answers to your most frustrating fundraising questions that could save YOUR charity like they did mine.  

2. There’s nothing out there like it. I wish there had been something like this book when I was getting started. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, stress, time, and money. 

It came to be through trial and error. By testing, tweaking, and improving my own approach to the point of being 100% Catholic and predictable. 

That's what was missing. 

The ability to predict if a campaign would work BEFORE starting. Giving Catholics a way to make decisions based on FACT and not secular, emotionally manipulative approaches. (also completely outdated and ineffective in the Catholic context.)

3. Let’s be completely honest here: By getting my book in your hands, I get some valuable shelf space in your library. Especially around all those theology and doctrine textooks. 

4. Real-Deal Case Studies. Since anybody these days can declare themselves a “fundraising expert”, it’s hard to know who you can really trust to shoot straight. 

This book contains only real proof from real case studies. And yes, I go into detail about what worked and exactly how much I raised. 

Some of these case studies have been kept under wraps until now. These real-life examples will change your thinking about what we do as fundraisers—and give you lots of ideas on how you can do it better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. 

I hope you enjoy the book!