The Spirituality of Fundraising

I recommend that you have a chaplain or spiritual director who takes an active leadership role in your fundraising. This person should be available and visible, taking the time to work with you on a one-to-one basis.

This person’s involvement is critical because without him your focus can too easily be on the money. It is easy to forget that each donation comes from a person, especially when you are struggling to raise funds. All your focus is on getting the next big gift.

Spirituality of Fundraising

A spiritual director guides you through the vicissitudes because he understands the challenges of fundraising. Plus, he knows how to keep you focused and motivated every step of the way.

To do this, a spiritual director should ask the following questions:

How are we using fundraising to bring people closer to Christ and our mission?
How can we ask people to inspire them to donate?
How can we best tell our story?
What are our biggest fears when asking for donations?
Who are we asking and why?
When are we asking people to donate?
Where are our donors in their spiritual journey?
What can we do tell nurture our fundraisers, those we ask, and those we help?
Should be bolder/calmer?
Are we too aggressive/relaxed?

If your spiritual director is not asking these questions, you may be at risk that your fundraising is not properly supporting your mission. Meaning, when you do fundraise, your purpose becomes a side note. Then, your cause is no longer the focus, and your story is not shared properly. As a result, you may dishearten people during your appeals. You may even cause yourself significant stress later down the line as small numbers of individuals are donating.

When fundraising does get challenging, and it frequently will, this is when having a spiritual director is critical. He understands what caused these levels of stress to start because he is involved. He is not sitting on the sidelines, meeting with you every now and again.

Your spiritual director or chaplain knows your struggles and the issues. As a result, he can provide clear actions and recommendations on how to overcome them.

Last but not least, your spiritual director will always remind you that you are not fundraising alone because, with the help of God, anything is possible, even fundraising.

Question: How can a spiritual director become more involved with your fundraising?




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