A Practical Guide for Running an Advent Appeal

I just wanted to take this time during Advent to leave a personal message here.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the messages and support from all of the Catholics on this page over the past year. It is, entirely, because of you that CatholicFundraiser.net and I have been able to help over 400 Catholic organizations around the world so effectively and more importantly, to grow and be a blessing to others!

But we have only begun. After the fantastic start of 2016, I have found that so many more Catholics need quality content and support in their fundraising endeavors. We need to help them twice as much next year as we did this year. We can’t get complacent. That’s why I am promoting a free guide to help everyone with their upcoming Advent appeal. Yes!



You wanted more resources to be available? You’ve got it. You wanted to learn how Catholic organizations can fundraise more effectively? Well now, this Advent you have a guide that will help you do just this.

Additionally, I continue to publish articles, videos, and resources which you get on this site for free. Don’t leave before subscribing – else you will miss the tons of free ideas, content, and references I post each week that are helping Catholics like you fundraise quicker, easier, and a lot less stressful. Seriously, who likes to fundraise? It’s not on our bucket list, that’s for sure. But helping a friend, a family member, another person, a community, maybe even the world is something we all want to do.

Thanks again to all of you for the support and engagement this year! Continue to do so, and watch what can do in 2017.


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Brice was born and raised Catholic. After enjoying a successful career in technology consulting with Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in cities across the United States (Dallas, San Francisco, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and London) around the world, he left it to help his Catholic diocese in London, England with a fundraising campaign. The campaign went on to raise over $60 million, the largest sum ever raised for the diocese and in the United Kingdom.

Learning from professional fundraisers, he figured out the basics and then left the diocese to focus on what he loves most: building Catholic charities that change the culture, save lives, and save souls.

Brice currently lives in Texas and travels the world helping Catholics fundraise. This website is where he shares what he is doing and how he is raising funds for Catholic causes and missions. That way you can move more quickly with your next appeal.

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