List-Renting is Not a Smart Fundraising Strategy

Why Catholic apostolates should not be renting or buying lists to fundraise

A few years ago, I earned my Masters in Theology to ground my approach when it comes to fundraising.

This time learning the roots of Catholicism has helped me tremendously make the right decisions.

Take, for example, the common fundraising strategy of list-renting or list-buying. When you rent someone’s list, you can contact the list of people, but you can’t see who they are. When you buy someone’s list, you acquire the list of people and can contact them as much as you like, but you don’t know who’s on the list in advance.

Therefore, the question is, should you be buying or renting lists?

I’ve thought about it a lot, and here’s my response.

Ever wonder what it’s like to raise funds for pro-life apostolates and religious communities?

Check out my interview on the Broken Spears podcast.

“With years of experience as a technology consult in cities throughout the world, Brice brought his gifts and talents to the Catholic world to support apostolates and give them the tools necessary to succeed through fundraising.”

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Broken Spear Podcast

Date: 07/14/2020
Appearance: Interview on the Broken Spear Podcast
Format: Podcast

Common Fundraising Problems… Debunked

Three common fundraising problems Catholic apostolates face and how to overcome them.

I see Catholic apostolates come across three common fundraising problems.

Well, these problems, you could call them stories. I say this because, too often, the fundraising problems you face are just stories you tell yourself.

Problem/Story #1 – Donors are “overtapped”. [otherwise known as ‘donor fatigue’]

Problem/Story #2 – People have money for everything except your apostolate.

Problem/Story #3 – People are struggling, but those you can afford to give more choose not to do so.

So with these problems (or stories) that seem to be everywhere, I figured that I would try to explain what’s really going on. Check it out:

3 Reasons Why No One Is Donating to Your Apostolate

Spoiler Alert: It's You!

These past few months have shaped up to be a huge test for Catholic apostolates.

As we overcome one crisis after another, apostolates are finding themselves in one of two categories.

Category #1 – Donations are booming

Category #2 – Donations are on the decline

If you are in category #2, I ‘ve uncovered why people may not be donating to you. Check it out:

PS – spoiler alert: the reason is you!