Fundraising ideas for the month of May

As you know, May is the month of Mary.

With fundraising, I describe May this way: “month of May, fundraisers go away.” Most apostolates stop asking for donations altogether. It’s like an extended holiday for their fundraisers because they don’t get back to work until October.

But you’ll be working hard this summer and fall to serve people, right?

So, additional funds would go a long way!

From my experience, while most apostolates forget about fundraising in May, you can have a lot of success this month. Here is what I recommend you do:

Fundraising in Poorer Parishes and Communities

Straightforward advice on how to fundraise in less affluent areas

This week, multiple people asked me the same question, “How do I fundraising in a poorer parish and community?”

This is a genuine concern for many apostolates around the country.

Thankfully, I have good news!

Over the years, I’ve come up with a few ideas that work when fundraising in areas that aren’t as affluent as others. Check it out:

How to Spread the Message of Your Catholic Apostolate

Two Ways to Spread Your Message - One of the Ways is Recommended

Are you looking for more eyes on your apostolate?

If you are, come join me!

This week, I discuss the two ways to spread the message of your apostolate. One way is through manual tasks, and the other way leverages free digital tools made available to you today. These are your two options, and can you guess which is better?

Learn about these two options to spread the message of your apostolate and help you take your fundraising from a one-time campaign into a sustainable and scalable apostolate. Check it out:

Should Catholic apostolates apply for secular grants

So, we wrapped up Lent last week…

… which means wrapping up Lenten fundraising appeals.

I completed many appeals these past weeks for lay apostolates, religious communities, parishes, and schools.

And as always, there were lots of lessons learned.

Today, I will focus on whether or not you should apply for secular grants. I discuss the pros and cons and what to consider when looking for funding from grants.

Should Catholics apply for grants (specifically secular grants)

How to get excited about fundraising

Think you cannot get excited about asking for donations?

That’s what many people are telling me lately (and that thought can be paralyzing!) until they realized that major success often starts by looking at fundraising from a different perspective.

Looking back, I can see that’s how things unfolded in many other apostolates, too.

If you’re starting out or at a crossroads, and you need some help getting excited, I have some excellent advice for you. Check it out: