Why are People so Reluctant to Donate?

Reasons why people are so hesitant to donate to your Catholic apostolate

Have you ever wondered why people might be reluctant to donate?

If you’ve ever had people reluctant to donate to your Catholic apostolate, then keep reading.

Asking for donations, as you can imagine, can be tricky. You spend all this time, energy, and effort fundraising, but instead of receiving financial support, you get crickets.

Why the silence?!?

Why were people so reluctant to donate?

This week, I dive into the reasons why people are so hesitant to donate to your apostolate. Check it out:

Which Donation Ask is Best – Soft or Hard?

Should your Catholic apostolate ask directly or indirectly?

When it comes to asking for $, where is the sweet spot?

Some people like to use the “soft ask” – meaning you ask indirectly. For example, the donate button on your website or at the bottom of an email. It could also be a sentence somewhere in a mailer.

Other people like to use the “hard ask” – meaning you ask point-blank.

A common fear is that you will turn people off if you use the “hard ask.”

At the same time, if you use the “soft ask,” potential donors may not SEE your request… and you will lose donations.

So what’s the solution?

I learned early in my fundraising career that knowing which ask to use is essential. There’s a subtle difference between the two asks that every Catholic apostolate should understand. Let me explain:

The Real and Present Danger of Volunteers

Why Catholic Apostolates should think twice about using volunteers when fundraising

Often, we think that we cannot fundraise alone. 

It is wise to look to others for help.

With any campaign you launch, you will have to get people to help you. That is why you might turn to volunteers.

However, there are significant risks to getting people to help you fundraise. Therefore, is using volunteers prudent?

I want to share my thoughts with you:

Time Management Tips for Fundraising

How should Catholic Apostolates manage their time?

It’s a question many Catholic apostolates struggle with:

“How do I manage my time when fundraising?”

Balancing your time can be tricky. Should you organize an event that will attract many people all at once, or do you meet with people in smaller groups – or even individually?

A lot of people will tell you, “it depends.”

But I don’t think that’s true.

I believe there is a best fundraising strategy when it comes to managing your time. What’s more, this strategy works regardless of your mission, where you live, or how long you’ve been an apostolate.

Find out how I think you should manage your time: