How to get excited about fundraising

Think you cannot get excited about asking for donations?

That’s what many people are telling me lately (and that thought can be paralyzing!) until they realized that major success often starts by looking at fundraising from a different perspective.

Looking back, I can see that’s how things unfolded in many other apostolates, too.

If you’re starting out or at a crossroads, and you need some help getting excited, I have some excellent advice for you. Check it out:

3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Donations

A Catholic's thoughts on how you can overcome your fears of asking

I recently had dinner with a famous Catholic personality, and we discussed an interesting topic that evening.

We discussed the ‘art’ of building a sustainable Catholic apostolate.

It got me thinking about the roadblocks for most people.

What do you think is your BIGGEST roadblock?

I’m guessing it’s FEAR of asking.

The fear of asking for donations is a HUGE challenge. So, I thought to share my thoughts on how you can overcome your fears of asking. Check it out:

Running Successful Catholic Capital Campaigns

Recommendations on how to properly run a capital campaign

I enjoy fundraising for Catholic apostolates, and I also enjoy helping Catholics run their apostolates. But I think your fundraising should serve your mission, not the other way around.

Take for example capital campaigns.

Running a capital campaign can be very important; however, a campaign can overwhelm the apostolate’s mission and focus.

And if you’ve been reading everything that I send you, I’m all about focusing on the mission WHILE achieving fundraising success – especially with capital campaigns.

Check out how I always start my capital campaigns to make sure they (1) are successful and (2) serve the mission:

How to not feel guilty when fundraising

3 pieces of advice for any Catholic apostolate who wants to improve their next campaign

If you’re starting to fundraise, here’s a critical thing you need to remember:

You may feel guilty when asking for donations.

It’s okay to feel this. I felt guilty at first, but feelings don’t equal facts. Would you agree? You are asking because your mission can do so much more with some financial support.

So how do you overcome that guilty feeling?

Well, that is what this week’s lesson is all about. Check it out:

How to balance Mission and Fundraising (reflections in a Texas Freeze and Blackout)

Also, if you need assistance in Austin, Texas, please read below.

As you’ve heard, Texas is experiencing unprecedented freezing weather and power outages. Like many of my fellow Texans, I’ve been without water or electricity – sometimes days.

Praise be to God; my family was prepared for these events.

With that said, assisting neighbors has been the silver lining during these trials.

Serving people reminds us why we are Catholic.

I am confident that helping people is why you launched your apostolate.

But when you fundraise, you naturally have to focus on your apostolate’s needs rather than your neighbor’s.

So, where is the balance between focusing on your needs (organizing fundraising campaigns to do MORE with your apostolate) and staying glued to your mission (serving others as Christ wants you)?

Here is my suggestion of where that balance should be: