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Whether your raising $1,000 or $1,000,000, you will be inspired by the five steps Saint Ignatius of Loyola used to raise millions to build the Jesuits from the ground up.

  • Discover how Saint Ignatius managed his day to day fundraising in order to stay focused on his mission.
  • Learn how he went from poor missionary to leader of the fastest growing religious order of his time - which then went on to build prestigious universities across the world.
  • Understand how Saint Ignatius applied business, marketing and financial practices to stewardship while keeping his fundraising 100% Catholic.
  • Ask for donations like Saint Ignatius did - St Ignatius of Loyola's approach is simple yet so effective. This way anyone can apply his style. You'll be raising funds immediately with his wisdom.
  • This guide is written by Brice Sokolowski, a Catholic who helps Catholic apostolates and religious communities fundraise. He has helped his diocese raise $50 million, a lay apostolate reach $1.2 million, a religious community double their funds, and a Catholic mom evangelist acquire get her first ever 5-figure major donation. Now Brice is sharing his expertise in this easily-to-use guide so you can raise more and do what you really want to do: save more lives and souls.
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Meet the author of the Saint Ignatian Fundraising Guide

Hi! I'm Brice. The guy in the beard telling Cardinal Burke a joke after Sunday Mass. (... and yes, he did laugh!)

If you read the Ignatian Fundraising Guide, you will agree with me that at least one of the tips in the guide works. If you don't read the guide, let me ask you a question. Are you having trouble with too many people who 'want to think about donating,' 'sleep on it,' 'talk to their spouse,' etc? 

In other words... they procrastinate. You do know that procrastinators bring out the procrastination syndrome in others, don't you?

With this in mind, is it clear to you that the way to get action from others is to take action yourself? 

Your next step is clear. Take action and follow Saint Ignatius in his method for fundraising. He's helped me and thousands of other Catholics with his wisdom and guidance in asking for donations.

- Brice Sokolowski, author of the Ignatian Fundraising Guide 

Discover how the author of the Saint Ignatian Guide is helping Catholics

Helping Catholic non-profits and missions raise more funds so they can do more of what they do best: save lives and souls

Check out my radio interview with Dave Palmer, the manager at KATH 980 Guadalupe Radio in North Texas. 

We talk about fundraising, life as a Catholic, and how to make the most of our vocations in doing God's will.