Getting back on track with your fundraising goal

Welcome, July! We just passed the halfway point of 2017, and I have to ask a simple but important yes or no question, “are you on track with your fundraising?”

I will make the bold assumption that you are behind. Maybe even far behind. Why? Because like most Catholic fundraisers, executives, and directors, you realize that fundraising is more challenging that you expected. After looking back at the past six months, you have come to the conclusion that raising funds doesn’t just happens by chance.

More than likely, you are behind because of one of the following reasons. (Actually, it could be a few of these reasons. Maybe even all of them.)

1. You don’t have as much time as you hoped to fundraise

2. You don’t know where to find donors

3. You don’t know whom to ask

4. You don’t know how to ask

5. You have a hundred other things to do and cannot focus on fundraising

6. You fell behind early in the year and didn’t know how to get back on track

7. You are overwhelmed by the competition for people’s donations

These are just seven possibilities among many. What other challenges are you facing? You can let me know by leaving a comment below.

How would you like to solve these challenges today?

For the first 26 weeks of 2017, I have submitted an article each week on how to fundraise more efficiently in the Catholic context. If you are subscribed to my website, you receive these articles directly into your inbox along with private access to additional resources to keep you moving forward.

If you are not subscribed, you can do so here and benefit today from these resources.

I send an article a week because the key to success with fundraising is simple. It’s all about perseverance and implementation. Implementation happens when you persevere, week after week, and move forward with your fundraising goal.

If you don’t believe me, check out Luke 8:15.

I post an article every week because I know that continually giving you new ideas also gives you more encouragement, more focus, and better chances of succeeding. Therefore, you have the solutions for solving all your challenges.

To get back on track, you have to change

You now have a choice. For the next 26 weeks of the year, you can change your trajectory and get back on track with fundraising. But to do so, you cannot do what you did for the past 26 weeks. The key to success in fundraising is not about finding that one, magical donation. That’s unfortunately how most Catholic organizations fundraise, which is why they are behind. They now have just 6 months to hopefully find it.

The key to success in fundraising is not about finding that one, magical donation. That’s unfortunately how most Catholic organizations fundraise, which is why they are behind. They are hoping to find it before Christmas.  Well, the odds are stacked against you. By fundraising this way, you are placing everything you do at unnecessary risk.

Rather, success is a direct result of pigheaded determination and discipline. This doesn’t mean you constantly ask for donations. It means you gradually improve how you look for donors, how you ask them, and how you nurture the relationships.

My promise with this website is that you will learn how to fundraise for your charity, non-profit, school, or religious order resulting in the finest, most efficient, and most Catholic approach possible.

This way you can save even more lives and souls.

At, you will get the tools to become an expert in three crucial areas: communicating, fundraising, and stewardship. Mastery in each of these areas is necessary to make you raise money with success.

Fundraising success is at your fingertips

You can profoundly improve your fundraising if you commit to one hour per week in which you do nothing else but work on making fundraising more efficient. With the ideas and content provided via this website, you will learn exactly how to spend that hour.

My approach to fundraising is laid out in straightforward language with practical examples spelled out from every angle. The most critical angle being Catholic. And the best part is that you’re not going to work harder; you’re only going to work smarter.

So, I offer you this opportunity. If you are ready to dramatically improve your fundraising, subscribe to my website if you haven’t done so already. You can do so by clicking here.

And, if you are willing to make a giant leap, I am offering you the chance to catch up with your fundraising goal in the next 26 weeks.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you are facing today with fundraising and how can I help?

Brice was born and raised Catholic. After enjoying a successful career in technology consulting with Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in cities across the United States (Dallas, San Francisco, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and London) around the world, he left it to help his Catholic diocese in London, England with a fundraising campaign. The campaign went on to raise over $60 million, the largest sum ever raised for the diocese and in the United Kingdom.

Learning from professional fundraisers, he figured out the basics and then left the diocese to focus on what he loves most: building Catholic charities that change the culture, save lives, and save souls.

Brice currently lives in Texas and travels the world helping Catholics fundraise. This website is where he shares what he is doing and how he is raising funds for Catholic causes and missions. That way you can move more quickly with your next appeal.

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