Is Facebook Censoring Catholics? (Latest Changes May Provide Evidence)

What the recent changes to Facebook ad targeting means for Catholic apostolates

You may have heard that Facebook stopped allowing ads to target groups based on religious interests.

In practical terms, Catholic apostolates could previously tell Facebook to show their ads to anyone who liked topics such as Our Lady, the Rosary, the Divine Liturgy, and the Pope.

Now, it’s not allowed to set your Facebook ads to be shown ads to people based on their religious interests.

Is Facebook censoring Catholics?

What does this mean for your apostolate?

I outline what has changed, how to use Facebook still, or if you should abandon the platform.

Here is what you should know regarding Facebook’s changes to Catholic interests:

3 Pitfalls Catholics Should Avoid When Fundraising

When you drive, you see signs on the side of the road indicating dangers up ahead.

“Road Work Ahead”

“Slippery When Wet”

“Railroad Crossing”

When you fundraise, you should also see signs of dangers ahead. These signs usually come in the form of hunches, advice, and experience.

Today, I want to share three warning signs for fundraising. You could say these signs indicate the pitfalls to avoid. Each is extremely important and should not be overlooked:

Waste of Time to Fundraise with Volunteers?

You’ve likely considered using volunteers to help you fundraise.

It seems logical to use the “divide and conquer” strategy, right?

When you fundraise with volunteers, I recommend you listen to Kenny Rogers’ advice:

You got to know when to hold ’em,
Know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run.

Let me explain further: